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What We Do

Swift specialist veterinary services

Compassion. Skill. Welfare. It’s the way we do things.

The veterinary services we provide focus on treating a large number of diseases and conditions, from the fairly straightforward to the very complex. With a diverse range of specialisms on hand, we can offer some of the most advanced treatments available, working closely together across departments to deliver truly extraordinary levels of care.

With each of the veterinary services we offer, we’re totally outcome-driven. We always keep our eyes on the end result which, for us, is achieving the best possible outcome for each patient under our care. We carefully tailor our treatment options, in close consultation with owners in a way that helps us achieve this. Our promise is to stay committed to delivering the kind of care we think all animals deserve.

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  • Orthopaedics - The specialist orthopaedics department focuses on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal and joint problems, as well as preventing their development. 

  • Internal Medicine - The experienced internal medicine team looks after a wide range of conditions, including most diseases of the internal organs.

  • Soft Tissue Surgery - The discipline of soft tissue surgery looks at treating a range of diseases in small animals, often within the head, neck and abdominal areas.

  • Neurology - Our neurology team are experts in treating all manner of neurological problems, including brain, nervous system and spinal cord diseases.

  • Advanced Imaging - Advanced imaging such as CT is utilised by all of the above services and helps identify and diagnose a variety of conditions.

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