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We’re a specialist veterinary referral centre committed to delivering truly excellent care. Based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, our multi-disciplined team strive every day to give animals everywhere the best possible life.

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Finding us couldn’t be easier. Our state-of-the-art facilities are based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

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Whether you’re looking to make a referral or seeking free expert advice, visit our veterinary professionals area.

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Why choose Swift as your veterinary referral clinic?

It’s simple; when you need us, we’ll be there. And we’ll be the experts you can trust.

Our mission and values

Your frequently asked questions

  • I would like to bring my pet to Swift Referrals. How can I do this?

    As we are a referral hospital, we can only see patients that have been sent (referred) to us by another vet. If you would like your pet to be seen at Swift Referrals, you should first speak to your own vet about this and should a decision be reached to refer your pet to us, they can then arrange this for you.

  • My pet has been referred to a Swift specialist; what happens next?

    As soon as we receive notice of the referral from your own vet, our client care team will contact you to arrange a time for your appointment that is convenient for you. Of course, appointment times are also dictated by the severity of your pet’s illness, and we will see emergency cases on the day that the referral is made.

  • I have been referred elsewhere but want to go to Swift instead, what can I do?

    You are absolutely within your rights to request that your pet is referred to any particular hospital and you should speak to your own vets to request this. Bear in mind that there are some disciplines (e.g. ophthalmology, dermatology) that Swift does not currently offer a referral service for.

  • Do you have weekend appointments?

    We will see patients with life threatening emergencies as and when necessary on a 24/7 basis and outside of normal working hours our staffing levels are set to cater for our hospitalised patients and emergencies only. All other appointments are seen during the week (Monday to Friday) when we have staffing levels in place to care for your pet as efficiently and effectively as possible. Please note however that if your pet is already under our care for a particular condition, and you have any concerns, telephone us at any time and someone will be able to help.

A safe haven

For you and your pet

Real clinical excellence is a rarity – but we think we’ve got it. It’s something we continue to strive for every day, and we pride ourselves on being able to consistently offer such a top-tier level of care to our patients.

We are a robust team of veterinary experts, with over 40 years’ combined experience across our fields of expertise and a can-do attitude to boot.

There’s not a challenge too big or a case too complex, and we’re always pushing our own personal boundaries in order to do and be better than ever before.

We want everyone who walks through our doors (whether on two legs or four) to feel welcomed, listened to and reassured. Because at Swift, we really do care.